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Audio ADCs combine professional performance with portable integration
05.28.2015 · News
Texas Instruments introduced a family of six high-performance audio analog-to-digital converters. Featuring a dynamic range as high as 110 dB, the devices in the PCM1865 family integrate features typically found in portable audio codecs, while also giving designers a level of performance previously found only in single-function, professional audio ADCs...
Facilitate oscilloscope debug of small microcontroller systems
05.28.2015 · Circuits · Microcontrollers
If you develop an application on a small microcontroller, your diagnostic tools for debugging of the program code might be very limited. This Design Idea introduces a simple debugging routine for plotting the binary value of one byte on a scope display. It uses one output pin of the microcontroller...
High-Speed A/D Converters from Microchip Feature High Integration Low-Power 14-/12-bit, 200 Msps Stand-Alone ADCs
05.28.2015 · News
Microchip Technology Inc. announced two families of new high-speed A/D converters in the MCP37DX0-200 and MCP372X0-200 families. These families feature 12- and 14- bit pipelined A/D converters with a maximum sampling rate of 200 Mega samples per second (Msps). The 12- and 14-bit devices feature high performance of over 67 dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) and over 96 dB Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR)...
New Vishay Intertechnology AEC-Q200-Qualified, Dual-in-Line Thin Film Resistor Networks Deliver Improved ESD and Moisture Protection
05.26.2015 · News
Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new series of AEC-Q200-qualified, high-precision dual-in-line thin film resistor networks. The Vishay Dale Thin Film AORN series features low TCR tracking of ± 5 ppm/°C, tight ratio tolerances to ± 0.05 %, and excellent long-term ratio stability of 0.015 % after 1000 hours at +155 °C...
Low-side switch with fast turn-off for inductive loads
05.26.2015 · Circuits
This Design Idea is able to turn off inductive loads at a very fast rate. When connected to a load (here 15 mH + 10 Ω), the modified freewheeling path in the clamping circuit based around M2 reduces the turn off time to 450 µs. A simple freewheeling diode in place of the clamping circuit takes about 4 ms to turn off the load...
Diodes Incorporated's 1.9 W Class-D Audio Amplifier Delivers High SPL and Extends Battery Life
05.26.2015 · News
Diodes Incorporated introduced the PAM8905. Aimed at smartphones operating from a single-cell lithium-ion battery, the PAM8905 is a 1.9 W class-D audio amplifier designed for audio systems that need to deliver a high sound pressure level (SPL) output from a low supply voltage...
Microcontroller Solves Complex Temperature Polynomial Equations
05.26.2015 · Circuits · Microcontrollers
This fast-executing program and simple circuit allows a PIC MCU to linearize a thermistor and accurately determine and display the temperature from its measured resistance. When you need to measure temperature using thermistors, you face the challenge of linearizing their response to get accurate readings. One of the best methods for linearizing a thermistor is the polynomial “Steinhart-Hart” equation (S-H)...
Smart ring allows wearer to air-write messages with a fingertip
05.26.2015 · News
Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd has announced the development of what it calls a “compact and lightweight wearable ring-type device that offers handwriting-input functionality and a reader for near-field communications (NFC) tags.” Designed to be worn on the index finger, the ring includes motion sensors (an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetic sensor) for text input, an NFC tag reader, and wireless communication functionality and is able to identify the movements users make with their fingertips as they write in the air...
Elmos: BLDC 3x half bridge driver for 48V vehicle electrical system supply and industrial applications
05.21.2015 · News
With the E523.52 IC, Elmos is presenting a fully integrated motor controller for brushless DC (BLDC) motors. The E532.52 can be operated with a supply voltage of up to 72 V. It integrates a powerful 16-bit microcontroller with special motor controller hardware support. The IC controls 3 NMOS half bridges for motor powers up to approx. 1000 W...
Linear versus switching regulators in industrial applications with a 24-V bus
05.21.2015 · Articles
This article compares three different solutions that provide a 5-V output at 100 mA from a 24-V bus. A synchronous step-down (buck) converter is compared to an integrated linear regulator and a discrete linear regulator. Size, efficiency, thermal performance, transient response, noise, complexity, and cost are compared to help designers choose the solution that best meets the constraints of a particular application. Conditions of comparison Figure 1. Switching (buck) converter with integrated MOSFETs. Most industrial applications use a 24-V bus and require 5 V to power various loads, such as logic and low-current microprocessors. An output current of 100 mA is chosen because it accommodates many logic and processor loads...
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