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Datasheet Linear Technology LTC6409CUDB#PBF

Linear Technology LTC6409CUDB#PBF

Manufacturer:Linear Technology
Part Number:LTC6409CUDB#PBF

10 GHz GBW, 1.1 nV / √Hz Differential Amplifier / ADC Driver


Manufacturer's Classification:

Signal Conditioning > Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps) > High Speed Amplifiers

Other Names: LTC6409CUDBPBF, LTC6409CUDB PBF

FeaTures LTC6409 10GHz GBW, 1.1nV/Hz Differential Amplifier/ADC Driver DescripTion
The LTC®6409 is a very high speed, low distortion, differential amplifier. Its input common mode range includes ground, so that a ground-referenced input signal can be DC-coupled, level-shifted, and converted to drive an ADC differentially. The gain and feedback resistors are external, so that the exact gain and frequency response can be tailored to each application. For example, the amplifier could be externally compensated in a no-overshoot configuration, which is desired in certain time-domain applications. The LTC6409 is stable in a differential gain of 1. This allows for a low output noise in applications where gain is not desired...

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