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Datasheet Analog Devices ADA4870ARRZ

Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Part Number:ADA4870ARRZ

High Speed, High Voltage, 1 A Output Drive Amplifier


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    ADA4870: High Speed, High Voltage, 1A Output Drive Amplifier Data Sheet (Rev. 0)
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    High Speed, High Voltage,
    1 A Output Drive Amplifier
    ADA4870 Data Sheet FUNCTIONAL BLOCK DIAGRAM Ideal for driving high capacitive or low resistive loads
    Wide supply range: 10 V to 40 V
    High output current drive: 1 A
    Wide output voltage swing: 37 V swing with 40 V supply
    High slew rate: 2500 V/Вµs
    High bandwidth: 52 MHz large signal, 70 MHz small signal
    Low noise: 2.1 nV/в€љHz
    Quiescent current: 32.5 mA
    Power down: 0.75 mA
    Short-circuit protection and flag
    Current limit: 1.2 A
    Thermal protection VCC 1 20 ADA4870 VCC 19 VCC SD 3 18 VCC ON 4 17 OUT NC 5 16 OUT
    OUT TFL 2 INP 6 15 INN 7 14 OUT OUT 8 13 VEE NC 9 12 VEE VEE 10 11 VEE 12125-001 FEATURES Figure 1. APPLICATIONS
    Envelope tracking
    Power FET driver
    Piezo drivers
    PIN diode drivers
    Waveform generation
    Automated test equipment (ATE)
    CCD panel drivers ...


Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)

Eco Plan



ArchitectureCurrent Feedback
BW -3 dB(typ)52M Hz
Ibias(max)23Вµ A
Iq/Amp(typ)32.5m A
Number of Channels1
Operating Temperature Range-40 to 85 °C
Shut- downYes
Slew Rate(typ)2.5k V/us
VNoise Density(typ)2.1n V/rtHz
Vs span(max)40 V
Vs span(min)10 V


Package CodeRR-20-1

Manufacturer's Classification

Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps)

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