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Datasheet Texas Instruments LDC1612DNTR

Manufacturer:Texas Instruments
Series:LDC1612, LDC1614
Part Number:LDC1612DNTR

Multi-Channel 28-Bit Inductance to Digital Converter (LDC) for Inductive Sensing


Manufacturer's Classification:

Semiconductors > Sensor Products > Inductive Sensing > Inductance to Digital Converter

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SNOSCY9 ­ DECEMBER 2014 LDC1612, LDC1614 Multi-Channel 28-Bit Inductance to Digital Converter (LDC) for Inductive Sensing
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The LDC1612 and LDC1614 are 2-and 4-channel, 28-bit inductance to digital converters (LDCs) for inductive sensing solutions. With multiple channels and support for remote sensing, the LDC1612 and LDC1614 enable the performance and reliability benefits of inductive sensing to be realized at minimal cost and power. The products are easy to use, only requiring that the sensor frequency be within 1 kHz and 10 MHz to begin sensing. The wide 1 kHz to 10 MHz sensor frequency range also enables use of very small PCB coils, further reducing sensing solution cost and size. The high resolution channels allow for a much larger sensing range, maintaining good performance beyond two coil diameters. Well-matched channels allow for differential and ratiometric measurements, which enable designers to use one channel to compensate their sensing for environmental and aging conditions such as temperature, humidity, and mechanical drift. Given their ease of use, low power, and low system cost these products enable designers to greatly improve ...

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