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Datasheet ON Semiconductor MC33166D2TG

Manufacturer:ON Semiconductor
Part Number:MC33166D2TG

Buck / Boost / Inverting Regulator, Switching, 3.0 A, TA= -40°C to +85°C


Manufacturer's Classification

DC-DC Controllers, Converters, & Regulators > Converters

MC34166, MC33166
3.0 A, Step-Up/Down/
Inverting Switching
The MC34166, MC33166 series are high performance fixed
frequency power switching regulators that contain the primary
functions required for dc-to-dc converters. This series was specifically
designed to be incorporated in step-down and voltage-inverting
configurations with a minimum number of external components and
can also be used cost effectively in step-up applications.
These devices consist of an internal temperature compensated
reference, fixed frequency oscillator with on-chip timing components,
latching pulse width modulator for single pulse metering, high gain
error amplifier, and a high current output switch.
Protective features consist of cycle-by-cycle current limiting,
undervoltage lockout, and thermal shutdown. Also included is a low
power standby mode that reduces power supply current to 36 mA.
G = 3 or 4
= Assembly Location
= Wafer Lot
= Year
= Work Week
= Pb-Free Package Features Output Switch Current in Excess of 3.0 A
Fixed Frequency Oscillator (72 kHz) with On-Chip Timing
Provides 5.05 V Output without External Re...

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