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TI introduces highly integrated audio codec to speed soundbar development

Texas Instruments » PCM3070

Value Soundbar Reference Design Kit based on PCM3070 reduces total solution cost by 30 percent compared to discrete implementations

Texas Instruments Incorporated introduced a flexible stereo audio codec with two fully-programmable miniDSP cores to support customized processing solutions for use in soundbars and docking stations. The PCM3070 includes a stereo 24-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC), stereo 24-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and integrated phased-locked loop (PLL) for flexible audio clock generation. The codec enables designers to produce high-quality, low-cost soundbar solutions and, coupled with the Value Soundbar Reference Design Kit, develop their products quickly.

TI introduces highly integrated audio codec PCM3070

Key features and benefits

  • Integrated, programmable 32-bit miniDSP engines allow for customized processing solutions, including branded audio effects, multiband dynamic range compression, and custom filters and algorithms.
  • SRS WOW HD, included as a standard feature at no additional cost to customers, improves the playback quality of audio, delivering a dynamic 3D entertainment experience with deep, rich bass and high frequency clarity for crisp detail.
  • Near-term roadmap plans will provide interested customers with an upgrade path to include SRS® TruVolume and/or SRS TruSurround HD through direct licensing arrangements with SRS Labs, Inc.
  • Highly integrated solution, including 24-bit stereo DAC, 24-bit stereo ADC, and integrated PLL simplifies system design and reduces bill of materials.
  • Single-supply power system can run from 1.8 V to 3.6 V.

PCM3070 Stereo Audio Codec System Block Diagram


  • Soundbar
  • Flat Panel Television
  • MP3 Docking stations
  • Cell Phone Docking Stations
  • Other Stereo or 2.1 Home Audio systems

Availability and pricing

The PCM3070 is available now in a 5-mm x 5-mm 32-pin QFN package, priced at $2.95 in quantities of 1,000.

Tools and support

The PCM3070 is a core component of TI's Value Soundbar Reference Design Kit.

Texas Instruments: value soundbar reference design kit

This highly integrated solution is optimized to deliver 30 percent lower cost than a discrete solution, and helps designers get to market in approximately eight weeks. In addition to the PCM3070, the open-tool reference design board includes TI's DIR9001 digital audio receiver, PCM2705 USB DAC, TPA3110D2 Class-D amplifier, and MSP430F2131 ultra low power microcontroller. The kit includes the board, schematics, gerber files, bill of materials, user manual and software.

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