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Search for: "metal detector"
Search results: 164   Output: 51-60   Including: detector (88); metal (84).
  1. .. whenever you want, and prevent others from being able to read it. The signal sent out by a RFID tag is easily blocked by metal. This means that placing the RFID tag inside of a Faraday cage will prevent the information from being read. ...
  2. .. the other lead to the probe is all that is necessary. The user's body forms the other connection through the beeper's metal case. When the beeper is properly adjusted it draws only 10 uA with nothing touching the probe - no power ...
  3. .. NPN transistor, you can drive as many as seven LEDs using a minimal amount of voltage and power from a single NiMH (nickel-metal-hydride) AA cell. The circuit works by creating much higher-voltage pulses than the voltage for powering the ...
  4. .. passive components will enable us to safely monitor the temperature of our coffee cup. Bundle this circuit inside a round metal container (metal helps conduct the cup's heat to the circuit) and you have a Smart Coaster. TIME: 3 hours COST: ...
  5. .. maximum: stronger pulses will be easily perceived and the LED will shine more brightly. Electrodes can be obtained by small metal plates connected to the output of the circuit via usual electric wire and can be taped to the skin. In some ...
  6. .. can be dramatically increased omitting LED D2 and its associated resistor R5. Use a plastic box to enclose the circuit: metal cases can severely limit electromagnetic radiation. Disclaimer: we can't claim or prove any therapeutic ...
  7. .. that important, but I recommend about a 9 cut (this will help make balancing easier later on). We may then slide the tail metal into the hole and use the 1/4 drill bit to drill and attach the tail to the square tubing. We will then want to ...
  8. .. Flange 36 x 1 Square Tubing 1/2 Bore Circular Sawblade (for hub) 5/8 x 1/2 Arbor (to attach sawblade to motor shaft) (2) Metal Straps 8 x 4 PVC Pipe 30 x 8 PVC Pipe (6 pipe works well too) A DC Permanent Magnet Motor (preferably Ametek ...
  9. .. card and not higher than one inch. I used Lego bricks because I had some handy. Wood may work better. Try not to use any metal that can be attracted by the magnet. Put some glue on the magnet when it is inside the cylinder. On this step, ...
  10. .. LEDs, resistors and some wire plus good set of different tools and couple of straight hands ;-) LCD consists of PCB, metal frame and liquid crystal glass assembly. Back side of LCD glass is covered with very thin reflective film, ...
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