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Search for: "metal detector"
Search results: 142   Output: 51-60   Including: detector (75); metal (75).
  1. .. use glue if needed. Remember also in designing your mount -- the magnetic field from the magnet disc should be away from metal cage bars or other metal will be attracted to these metal parts and will be slowed down ...
  2. .. 2-volts across it; and 1-amp flowing through it. So it should never need to dissipate more than ( 2 x 1 = 2-watts ). The metal part of the regulator body is connected to pin 2. Therefore, the heatsink will be at the same potential as pin ...
  3. .. I made a base in hardwood with two long grooves in which some sheets of polycarbonate could be inserted. I used a metal working mill to cut the grooves but a hand-held wood router should make just as fine cuts. After cutting the ...
  4. .. control isn't an exception. All parts of the temperature control, including the sensor and the MOSFET transistor (even it's metal backplate!) carry a voltage of up to 12 V. Therefore, it is absolutely required that the circuit is properly ...
  5. .. whenever you want, and prevent others from being able to read it. The signal sent out by a RFID tag is easily blocked by metal. This means that placing the RFID tag inside of a Faraday cage will prevent the information from being read. ...
  6. .. the other lead to the probe is all that is necessary. The user's body forms the other connection through the beeper's metal case. When the beeper is properly adjusted it draws only 10 uA with nothing touching the probe - no power ...
  7. .. NPN transistor, you can drive as many as seven LEDs using a minimal amount of voltage and power from a single NiMH (nickel-metal-hydride) AA cell. The circuit works by creating much higher-voltage pulses than the voltage for powering the ...
  8. .. passive components will enable us to safely monitor the temperature of our coffee cup. Bundle this circuit inside a round metal container (metal helps conduct the cup's heat to the circuit) and you have a Smart Coaster. TIME: 3 hours COST: ...
  9. .. steel ring, generating a magnetic field that spins an electromagnetic rotor inside. The ring is typically a single piece of metal. Copper coils are inserted through a gap into slots on each side of the ring, and then slid into place. DeWalt ...
  10. .. concepts. The implementation is easy. First, a few words about IC package heatsink electrical connections. Note that the metal thermal tab of IC1 is NOT connected to the thermal tab of IC2. And NEITHER is connected to the supply GND ...
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