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Search for: "metal detector"
Search results: 130   Output: 51-60   Including: metal (69); detector (68).
  1. .. how to build an IR remote control extender / repeater to control your electronic appliances from a remote location. An IR detector module receives IR signal from remote control and two IR leds are re-emitting the signal to the ...
  2. .. I made in the schematic. First, two 10K resistors need to be used to pull-up the RD and WR lines to 5V. Second, a brownout detector needs to be used on the ‘RES line of the LCD. (I used a resistor-capacitor combination along with a ...
  3. .. its internal RC clock at 1MHz. If not, set apropriate fusebits to achive above mentioned conditions. In addition Brown-out detector should be turned on by enabling BODEN fuse. Recomended Brown-out Reset Threshold Voltage is 4V. The next ...
  4. .. Design Europe David Tomanek This Design idea was inspired by a requirement for a sunrise detector with low power consumption, reliable light detection, and a real sleep mode during darkness. The sleep ...
  5. .. biased by IC1 ( LM555 ). Here IC1 is wired as a medium current inverting line driver, switched by an encapsulated light detector (10mm LDR). Multi-turn trimpot P1 sets the detection sensitivity. When ambient light dims, transistor T1 ...
  6. .. ultrasonic range finder ! This quick dirty PIC ultrasonic range finder will find a place in numerous projects : presence detector, robotics, car parking, distance measurement.. With a few cheap components and less than 200 bytes of ...
  7. .. device is an integrated phase control circuit - Siemens TLE3103. It contains its own power supply, a zero voltage crossing detector circuit and a logic driver. An additional feature is the low voltage input to enable/disable triac firing ...
  8. .. the comparator to avoid noise when determining an AC signal’s rising edge. A few adjustments to a zero-crossing detector allow it to operate above the noise level (see the figure). The transformer has very low power-driving ...
  9. .. Although the mains lamp has quite high AC component, the sharp peaks generated when the ball blocks the light from the detector allow high accuracy event detection. The software displays the measured time and the number of detected ...
  10. .. Varkey Here is a system based on PIR motion detector module BS1600 (or BS1700) that can be used for security or corridor lighting in powersaving mode. The 12V ...
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