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  1. Application Note AN11454 November 2013 This document provides circuit simulation, schematic, layout, BOM and typical EVB performance for a 5-5.9 GHz WiFi (WLAN) LNA. The BFU730F is a discrete HBT that is produced using NXP Semiconductors' advanced ...
  2. Application Note AN11325 November 2013 This document gives a description and measurement results of a 2-way Doherty amplifier using 2 BLF888A UHF LDMOS transistors. The document introduces a narrowband 2-way Doherty amplifier (test) demo board. ...
  3. Application Note AN4305 October 2013 Placido De Vita The SPIRIT1 is a very low power RF transceiver, intended for RF wireless applications in the sub-1 GHz band. It is designed to operate both in the license-free ISM and SRD frequency bands at 169, ...
  4. Application Note AN4387 November 2013 Ugo Raia BlueNRG is a very low power Bluetooth low energy (BLE) single mode network processor, compliant with Bluetooth specifications core 4.0. The BlueNRG can act as master and slave. Bluetooth low energy ...
  5. Application Note 138 October 2013 Trevor Barcelo An inductive wireless power system consists of a transmitter that generates a high frequency alternating magnetic field and a receiver that collects power from that field. The resonant coupled system ...
  6. Introduction This RFID reader works with 125 kHz tags in credit card size shape cards and with 125 kHz key fobs (Figure 1). The EM4100 protocol is used. When you approach an RFID Tag close enough (4-5 cm) to the reader's coil (L1) the reader will ...
  7. Ali Asgher Mansoor Habiby and Abdus Sami Abdul Qayyum, Sir Syed University, Karachi, Pakistan EDN When you go hiking or mountain biking, or simply take a long walk around the neighborhood, you might wonder about the distance you covered or specific ...
  8. Tom Au-Yeung and Wilson Tang, Maxim Integrated Products EDN You can make a wireless temps system with two ICs You can use a local temperature sensor and an ASK (amplitude-shift-keying) transmitter/receiver pair to design a simple wireless ...
  9. Part 1 Description and Schematic Part 2 Firmware and Sowtware Assembly Because the circuit was so simple I took the easy way out and assembled it on a piece of veroboard. Nowadays I would design my own printed circuit board (see custom PCBs). ...
  10. Part 1 - Description and Schematic PIC Firmware The firmware running on the PIC18F2550 was written for the CCS C compiler and uses the CCS USB protocol stack, which in turn appears to be derived from Microchip code. At the top level it is quite ...
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