Mike Irwin

Mike Irwin

Shawville, PQ, Canada

Areas of interest of the author: Oscillators Analogue Design

Publications on RadioLocman by the author Mike Irwin:

  1. Transconductance Amp Gives Oscillator Reciprocal Response
    The circuit in Figure 1 is a variation on the familiar integrator/comparator triangle-wave oscillator, which you typically implement with two op amps. An integrator and a comparator connect in a positive-feedback loop; the comparator drives the integrator and vice versa. A...
  2. Op Amp Linearizes Attenuator Control Response
    Professional-audio equipment commonly uses Analog Devices‘ high-performance, quad-voltage-controlled SSM2164 attenuator. The control response is –30 dB/V, with 0 V producing unity gain. Attenuation increases as the applied control voltage increases in the...
  3. Op Amp Linearizes Response of FET VCA
    FETs find common use in VCAs (voltage-controlled amplifiers) and attenuators, in which the FET serves as a variable resistance. A control voltage applied to the gate sets the channel resistance and overall circuit gain. You frequently need to select individual FETs because of...

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