John S Lo Giudice

John S Lo Giudice

STMicroelectronics, Schaumburg, IL, USA

Areas of interest of the author: Supply Measurement

Co-authors: Vipin Bothra

Publications on RadioLocman by the author John S Lo Giudice:

  1. Operate circuits at voltages as high as 540V ac
    John S Lo Giudice Vipin Bothra
    Energy meters, heating/ventilation/air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, and high-power equipments that run on three-phase ac inputs pose a challenge to power-supply designers because nominal input voltage can be as high as 540 V ac. The challenge increases if the power supply...
  2. Simple dual constant-current load tests low-current power supplies
    Today’s small electronic appliances, such as washers, dryers, and stoves, use switched-mode power supplies to replace bulky, heavy, linear-power supplies. The engineer testing these power supplies, which range in current from 50 mA to 1 A, typically uses...
  3. Minimize Noise in Power-Supply Measurements
    Eliminating excess noise from an oscilloscope probe yields better measurements You must minimize noise when measuring ripple in power rails because the ripple’s amplitude can be low. Oscilloscope probes are essential measurement tools, but they can introduce noise and...