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  1. Jordyn Rombola
    Jordyn Rombola is a product engineer in the Linear and Precision Technology (LPT) Group here at ADI. She joined Analog Devices in January 2014 after finishing her bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from Worcester ...
  2. Elana Lian
  1. Michael O'Sullivan
    Michael O’Sullivan has worked at Analog Devices since 2004. Currently the product and test engineering manager of the Integrated Amplifier Products Group, he supports product characterization and release of very-high-precision specialty ...
  2. Sandro Herrera
    Sandro Herrera is a circuit design engineer in the Integrated Amplifier Products (IAP) Group in Wilmington, MA. His design work currently focuses on fully differential amplifiers with either fixed, variable, or programmable gains. Sandro holds BSEE ...
  3. Reem Malik
    Reem Malik is an applications engineer in the Integrated Amplifier Products (IAP) Group in Wilmington, MA. She supports customers in the instrumentation, industrial, and medical areas and is responsible for products such as difference amplifiers ...
  4. Bill Schweber
    Bill Schweber is an electronics engineer who has written three textbooks on electronic communications systems, as well as hundreds of technical articles, opinion columns, and product features. In past roles, he worked as a technical website manager ...
  5. Joseph Petrofsky
  6. Ron Shakery
  7. Hesam Moshiri
    Hesam Moshiri holds an MSc degree in Embedded Systems Design and is interested in Electronic Design and A.I. He also has experience and interest in content/digital marketing. He owns a YouTube channel named MyVanitar that talks about electronic ...
  8. Thong Huynh
    Anthony T. Huynh (aka Thong Anthony Huynh) was a principal member of technical staff (MTS), applications engineering, at Maxim Integrated (now part of Analog Devices). He has more than 20 years of experience designing and defining isolated and ...
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