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  1. CT-Concept Technologie AG
    IGBT drivers for mid to high powers. Plug-and-play drivers. High-power and high-voltage IGBT modules with reverse voltages from 1200 V to 6500 V. Driver cores for IGBTs with reverse voltages from 600 V to 3300 V. DC/DC Converters (Power Supplies).
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Switzerland · Biel-Bienne
  2. Silego Technology
    DDR3 register ICs, Consumer ICs, Notebook and Netbook ICs.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location USA · Santa Clara, CA
  3. Testboy GmbH
    Voltage, ñontinuity, magnetfielá digital multimeters; current clamps; car-electrics; socket outlet testers; installation testers; thermo-, luxmeter and humidity testers.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Germany · Vechta
  4. Gainta Industries Ltd.
    Cases for electronic equipment.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Taiwan · Taipei
  5. Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.
    Coolers, NB ñooling pads, chassis.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Taiwan · Kaohsiung
  6. Wenzhou Wanjia Electric Equipment Co. Ltd.
    Magnetic Latching Relays, Power Relays, Middle Power Relays, Auto/Automobile Relays.
    Electronic components » Wanjia Relay
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location China · Shanghai
  7. Vatronics Technologies Limited
    Trimmer potentiometers, varistors, NTC thermistors, film capacitors, ceramic disc capacitors, Tantalum capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitros, LED tunnel light, LED street light, LED Displays, LCD touch panels.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location China · Shenzhen
  8. Utron
    Utron Technology Inc.
    Memory and logic ICs: SRAM, DRAM, MASK ROM, PC Chipsets, Graphics Controller, PC Motherboard Clock Generators, Voice Recording/Playback IC.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Taiwan · Hsin-Chu
  9. UniTraq International Corp.
    AVL/GPS Vehicle Trackers; GPS Modules; GPS Receivers; Bluetooth Receivers; GSM Modems; USB Dongles.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Taiwan · Hsinchu
  10. Monitoring relays, loadmonitors, timers, compact control units, coupling units, switching relays, safety relays, softstarters, breaking units, thyristor control units, current transformers, DC power supplies, time switches, hour meters.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Austria · Vienna

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