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  1. Kaimei Electronic Corp.
    The manufacture and sale of electrolytic capacitors, and now as the operator of Taiwan's largest capacitor and aluminum foil forming plants, Kaimei has surged ahead to become an outstanding leader in its field. Fans, ballasts.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Taiwan · Taipei
  2. JVC Professional
    Victor Company of Japan, Limited. JVC Professional Products Company distributes a complete line of broadcast, professional and presentation equipment, including cameras, VTRs, editing equipment, D-ILA and LCD projectors, visual presenters, monitors ...
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Japan · Yokohama
  3. JVC Consumer
    Digital Video Camcorders, VHS-C Camcorders, Digital Still Cameras, Super VHS VCR's, VHS VCR's, DVD's, Satellite Systems, Color Televisions, Home Audio Components and Systems, Personal Audio Systems, Mobile Entertainment Products and Recording Media.
    Type: Manufacturing
    Location Japan · Yokohama

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