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Datasheet 1N5351B - Multicomp DIODE, ZENER, 5 W, 14 V, 5%, DO-201AE

Multicomp 1N5351B

Part Number: 1N5351B

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: Multicomp

Description: DIODE, ZENER, 5 W, 14 V, 5%, DO-201AE

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Zener Diodes: 1N5333B - 1N5388B
Features: Zener voltage range: 3.3V to 200V Surge rating of up to 180W @ 8.3mS Mechanical Data: Case DO-201AE Max lead temp for soldering: 260oC, 1/16in from case for 10sec Polarity: cathode band Marking: type number Approx weight: 0.032ounces, 0.9grams
DO - 201AE
Dimensions in mm
Dimensions in millimeters

RoHS: Yes

AliExpress20pcs 1N5351B IN5351B DIODE ZENER 14V 5W AXIAL DO-15 New and ROHS1,84 $
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