Datasheet AT32UC3A0512-DDW - Atmel Microcontrollers (MCU) Microcontroller

Atmel AT32UC3A0512-DDW

Part Number: AT32UC3A0512-DDW

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: Atmel

Description: Microcontrollers (MCU) Microcontroller

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· High Performance, Low Power AVR®32 UC 32-Bit Microcontroller
­ Compact Single-cycle RISC Instruction Set Including DSP Instruction Set ­ Read-Modify-Write Instructions and Atomic Bit Manipulation ­ Performing 1.49 DMIPS / MHz Up to 91 DMIPS Running at 66 MHz from Flash (1 Wait-State) Up to 49 DMIPS Running at 33MHz from Flash (0 Wait-State) ­ Memory Protection Unit Multi-hierarchy Bus System ­ High-Performance Data Transfers on Separate Buses for Increased Performance ­ 15 Peripheral DMA Channels Improves Speed for Peripheral Communication Internal High-Speed Flash ­ 512K Bytes, 256K Bytes, 128K Bytes Versions ­ Single Cycle Access up to 33 MHz ­ Prefetch Buffer Optimizing Instruction Execution at Maximum Speed ­ 4ms Page Programming Time and 8ms Full-Chip Erase Time ­ 100,000 Write Cycles, 15-year Data Retention Capability ­ Flash Security Locks and User Defined Configuration Area Internal High-Speed SRAM, Single-Cycle Access at Full Speed ­ 64K Bytes (512KB and 256KB Flash


Other Names:

AT32UC3A0512DDW, AT32UC3A0512 DDW