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Datasheet S9S12VR64F2CLC - Freescale 16- bit Microcontrollers (MCU) 64K FLASH 2K RAM

Freescale S9S12VR64F2CLC

Part Number: S9S12VR64F2CLC

Manufacturer: Freescale

Description: 16- bit Microcontrollers (MCU) 64K FLASH 2K RAM

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MC9S12VR-Family Reference Manual
S12 Microcontrollers
MC9S12VRRMV2 Rev. 2.7 May 15, 2012
To provide the most up-to-date information, the revision of our documents on the World Wide Web will be the most current. Your printed copy may be an earlier revision. To verify you have the latest information available, refer to: A full list of family members and options is included in the appendices. The following revision history table summarizes changes contained in this document. This document contains information for all constituent modules, with the exception of the CPU. For CPU information please refer to CPU12-1 in the CPU12 & CPU12X Reference Manual.


  • Clock Frequency Max: 1 MHz
  • Core: S12
  • Data Bus Width: 16 bit
  • Mounting Style: SMD/SMT
  • On-Chip ADC: Yes
  • Operating Supply Voltage: 6 V to 18 V
  • Operating Temperature Range: - 40 C to + 85 C
  • Package / Case: LQFP-32
  • Packaging Type: Tray
  • Processor Series: S12VR
  • Program Memory Size: 64 Kb
  • RAM Size: 2 Kb
  • RoHS: Yes

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