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Datasheet ATSAM3X8EA-CU - Atmel ARM Microcontrollers (MCU) BGA144, GREEN, IND TEMP, MRLA

Part Number: ATSAM3X8EA-CU

Manufacturer: Atmel

Description: ARM Microcontrollers (MCU) BGA144, GREEN, IND TEMP, MRLA

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· Core
­ ARM® Cortex®-M3 revision 2.0 running at up to 84 MHz ­ Memory Protection Unit (MPU) ­ Thumb®-2 instruction set ­ 24-bit SysTick Counter ­ Nested Vector Interrupt Controller Memories ­ From 256 to 512 Kbytes embedded Flash, 128-bit wide access, memory accelerator, dual bank ­ From 32 to 100 Kbytes embedded SRAM with dual banks ­ 16 Kbytes ROM with embedded bootloader routines (UART, USB) and IAP routines ­ Static Memory Controller (SMC): SRAM, NOR, NAND support. NAND Flash controller with 4-kbyte RAM buffer and ECC System ­ Embedded voltage regulator for single supply operation ­ POR, BOD and Watchdog for safe reset ­ Quartz or ceramic resonator oscillators: 3 to 20 MHz main and optional low power 32.768 kHz for RTC or device clock. ­ High precision 8/12 MHz factory trimmed internal RC oscillator with 4 MHz Default Frequency for fast device startup ­ Slow Clock Internal RC oscillator as permanent clock for device clock in low power mode ­ One PLL for device clock and o


  • Core: ARM Cortex M3
  • Data Bus Width: 32 bit
  • RoHS: Yes

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