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Datasheet MAX9611AUB+ - Maxim CURRENT SENSE, 12 bit ADC, 60 V, 10UMAX

Maxim MAX9611AUB+

Part Number: MAX9611AUB+

Manufacturer: Maxim

Description: CURRENT SENSE, 12 bit ADC, 60 V, 10UMAX

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19-5543; Rev 3; 6/11
High-Side, Current-Sense Amplifiers with 12-Bit ADC and Op Amp/Comparator
General Description
The MAX9611/MAX9612 are high-side current-sense amplifiers with an integrated 12-bit ADC and a gain block that can be configured either as an op amp or comparator, making these devices ideal for a number of industrial and automotive applications. The high-side, current-sense amplifiers operate over a wide 0V to 60V input common-mode voltage range. The programmable full-scale voltage (440mV, 110mV, and 55mV) of these amplifiers offers wide dynamic range, accurate current measurement, and application flexibility in choosing sense resistor values. A choice of either an internal op amp or a comparator is provided to the user. The internal amplifier can be used to limit the inrush current or to create a current source in a closed-loop system. The comparator can be used to monitor fault events for fast response. An I2C controlled 12-bit, 500sps analo


  • Bandwidth: 2.5 MHz
  • Common Mode Rejection Ratio: 12 dB
  • Input Bias Current: 1 A
  • Input Offset Voltage: 350 V
  • MSL: MSL 1 - Unlimited
  • Number of Amplifiers: 1
  • Number of Pins: 10
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40C to +125C
  • Output Current Per Channel: 15 mA
  • Package / Case: MAX
  • Supply Current: 1.6 mA
  • Supply Voltage Range: 2.7 V to 5.5 V
  • RoHS: Yes

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