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Datasheet LT1714IGN - Linear Technology COMPARATOR, DUAL, 7 ns, SSOP-16

Linear Technology LT1714IGN

Part Number: LT1714IGN

Manufacturer: Linear Technology

Description: COMPARATOR, DUAL, 7 ns, SSOP-16

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LT1713/LT1714 Single/Dual, 7ns, Low Power, 3V/5V/±5V Rail-to-Rail Comparators DESCRIPTIO
The LT®1713/LT1714 are UltraFastTM 7ns, single/dual comparators featuring rail-to-rail inputs, rail-to-rail complementary outputs and an output latch. Optimized for 3V and 5V power supplies, they operate over a single supply voltage range from 2.4V to 12V or from ±2.4V to ±6V dual supplies. The LT1713/LT1714 are designed for ease of use in a variety of systems. In addition to wide supply voltage flexibility, rail-to-rail input common mode range extends 100mV beyond both supply rails and the outputs are protected against phase reversal for inputs extending further beyond the rails. Also, the rail-to-rail inputs may be taken to opposite rails with no significant increase in input current. The rail-to-rail matched complementary outputs interface directly to TTL or CMOS logic and can sink 10mA to within 0.5V of GND or source 10mA to within 0.7V of V +. The LT1713/LT1714 have internal TT


  • Comparator Type: High Speed
  • Number of Comparators: 2
  • Number of Pins: 16
  • Output Compatibility: CMOS, TTL
  • Package / Case: SSOP
  • Response Time: 7 ns
  • Supply Current: 5.5 mA
  • Supply Voltage Range: 2.4 V to 12 V

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