Datasheet MAX98309EWL+T - Maxim Audio Amplifiers Speaker Amplifier

Part Number: MAX98309EWL+T

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: Maxim

Description: Audio Amplifiers Speaker Amplifier

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19-5912; Rev 0; 6/11
MAX98309/MAX98310 Mono 1.4W Class AB Audio Amplifiers
General Description
The MAX98309/MAX98310 mono 1.4W class AB audio amplifiers offer low quiescent current while maintaining excellent SNR and low 0.008% THD+N.

These ICs feature excellent 90dB PSRR and state of the art click-andpop suppression. The ICs are offered with an internally fixed 0dB, 3dB, 6dB, and 9dB gain (MAX98310) or an externally set gain (MAX98309) through external resistors. The MAX98309 feature a 10ms or 100ms pin-selectable turn-on time, while the MAX98310 has a preset 5ms turnon time. The MAX98309/MAX98310 are available in a (1.0mm x 1.0mm) 9-bump, 0.3mm pitch WLP, and are specified over the extended -40NC to +85NC temperature range.