Datasheet NXP TL431AMSDT

Part NumberTL431AMSDT

Adjustable precision shunt regulator


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SO T2 TL431 family
Adjustable precision shunt regulator
Rev. 4 -- 30 June 2011 Product data sheet 1. General description
Three-terminal shunt regulator family with an output voltage range between Vref and 36 V, to be set by two external resistors. 3 The TL431xDBZR types feature an enhanced stability area with a very low
load capacity requirement. The TL431xFDT types offer an enhanced stability area and a higher
ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI) ruggedness, for example, for Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) applications. The TL431xSDT types are designed for standard requirements and linear
Table 1. Product overview Temperature range (Tamb) 0 to 70 C TL431CDBZR 40 to 85 C TL431IDBZR 40 to 125 C TL431QDBZR TL431FDT TL431MFDT TL431SDT TL431MSDT 1% TL431ACDBZR TL431AIDBZR TL431AFDT TL431AMFDT TL431ASDT TL431AMSDT 0.5 % TL431BCDBZR TL431BIDBZR TL431BFDT TL431BMFDT TL431BSDT TL431BMSDT Pinning configuration (see Table 5) normal pinning normal pinning mirrored pi...

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