Datasheet Toshiba TCR3DM10,LF

Part NumberTCR3DM10,LF
Datasheet Toshiba TCR3DM10,LF

300 mA CMOS Low Drop-Out Regulator with inrush current protection circuit


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TCR3DM series
TOSHIBA CMOS Linear Integrated Circuit Silicon Monolithic TCR3DM series
300 mA CMOS Low Drop-Out Regulator with inrush current protection circuit
The TCR3DM series are CMOS general-purpose single-output voltage regulators with an on/off control input, featuring low dropout voltage, low output noise voltage and low inrush current. These voltage regulators are available in fixed output voltages between 1.0 V and 4.5 V and capable of driving up to 300 mA. They feature over-current protection, over-temperature protection, Inrush current protection circuit and Auto-discharge function. The TCR3DM series are offered in the ultra small plastic mold package DFN4 (1.0 mm x 1.0 mm; t 0.58 mm). It has a low dropout voltage of 210 mV (2.5 V output, IOUT = 300 mA) with low output BOTTOM VIEW ILLUSTRATION noise voltage of 38 Vrms (2.5 V output) and a load transient DFN4 response of only VOUT = ±80 mV ( IOUT = 1 mA300 mA, COUT Weight : 1.3 mg ( typ.) =1.0 F). As small ceramic input and output capacitors can be used with the TCR3DM series, these devices are ideal for portable applications that require high-density board assembly such as cellular phones. Features Low Drop-Out voltage VIN-VOUT = 210 mV (typ.) at 2.5 V-output, IOUT = 300 mA VIN-VOUT = 270 mV (typ.) at 1.8 V-output, IOUT = 300 mA VIN-VOUT = 490 mV (typ.) at 1.2 V-output, IOUT = 300 mA Low output noise voltage VNO = 38 Vrms (typ.) at 2.5 V-output, IOUT = 10 mA, 10 Hz <...

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