Datasheet Vishay VS-MUR1520

Datasheet  Vishay VS-MUR1520

Ultrafast Rectifier, 15 A, 200 V


Datasheet PDF, 159 Kb, File published: Mar 28, 2017


VS-MUR1520PbF, VS-MUR1520-N3 Vishay Semiconductors Ultrafast Rectifier, 15 A FRED PtВ®
FEATURES Ultrafast recovery time Base
2 Low forward voltage drop 175 В°C operating junction temperature Low leakage current 1
Cathode TO-220AC Available Designed and qualified according to
JEDECВ®-JESD 47 Material categorization: for definitions of compliance
please see 3
VS-MUR1520PbF is the state of the art ultrafast recovery
rectifier specifically designed with optimized performance of
forward voltage drop and ultrafast recovery time. PRODUCT SUMMARY
Package TO-220AC IF(AV) 15 A VR 200 V VF at IF 0.85 V trr typ. See Recovery table TJ max. 175 В°C Diode variation Single die The planar structure and the platinum doped life time
control, guarantee the best overall performance,
ruggedness and reliability characteristics.
These devices are intended for use in the output rectification
stage of SMPS, UPS, DC/DC converters as well as
freewheeling diode in low voltage inverters and chopper
motor drives.
Their extremely optimized stored charge and low recovery
current minimize the switching losses and reduce over
dissipation in the switching element and snubbers. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS
PARAMETER SYMBOL Peak repetitive reverse voltage VRRM Average rectified forward current IF(AV) Non-repetitive peak surge current IFSM Peak repetitive forward current IFM Operating junction and storage temperatures TEST CONDITIONS Total device, rated VR, TC = 150 В°C MAX. UNITS 200 V 15
A 200
Rated VR, square wave, 20 kHz, TC = 150 В°C 30 TJ, TStg -6...

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Series: VS-MUR1520 (2)