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Datasheet Texas Instruments SN54AS867

Datasheet Texas Instruments SN54AS867

ManufacturerTexas Instruments

Synchronous 8-Bit Up/Down Counters


  • Download » Datasheet PDF, 367 Kb, Revision: C, File published: Jan 1, 1995
    Synchronous 8-Bit Up/Down Counters datasheet
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    SN54AS867, SN54AS869
    SN74ALS867A, SN74ALS869, SN74AS867, SN74AS869
    SDAS115C – DECEMBER 1982 – REVISED JANUARY 1995 Fully Programmable With Synchronous
    Counting and Loading
    SN74ALS867A and ′AS867 Have
    Asynchronous Clear; SN74ALS869 and
    ′AS869 Have Synchronous Clear
    Fully Independent Clock Circuit
    Simplifies Use
    Ripple-Carry Output for n-Bit Cascading
    Package Options Include Plastic
    Small-Outline (DW) Packages, Ceramic
    Chip Carriers (FK), and Standard Plastic
    (NT) and Ceramic (JT) 300-mil DIPs SN54AS867, SN54AS869 . JT PACKAGE
    SN74ALS867A, SN74ALS869, SN74AS867,
    (TOP VIEW) S0
    D ...


Family: SN54AS867, SN54AS869, SN74ALS867A, SN74ALS869, SN74AS867, SN74AS869


Lifecycle StatusActive (Recommended for new designs)Active (Recommended for new designs)Active (Recommended for new designs)
Manufacture's Sample AvailabilityNoNoNo


Package TypeJTJTJT
Package QTY111
Width (mm)6.926.926.92
Length (mm)323232
Thickness (mm)
Pitch (mm)2.542.542.54
Max Height (mm)
Mechanical DataDownload »Download »Download »
Device MarkingSN54AS867JT5962-8966801LA


F @ Nom Voltage(Max), Mhz125125125
ICC @ Nom Voltage(Max), mA195195195
Operating Temperature Range, C-55 to 125-55 to 125-55 to 125
Output Drive (IOL/IOH)(Max), mA20/-220/-220/-2
Package Size: mm2:W x L, PKGSee datasheet (CDIP)See datasheet (CDIP)See datasheet (CDIP)
Schmitt TriggerNoNoNo
Technology FamilyASASAS
VCC(Max), V5.55.55.5
VCC(Min), V4.54.54.5
Voltage(Nom), V555
tpd @ Nom Voltage(Max), ns222222

Eco Plan

RoHSSee ti.comSee ti.comSee

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Series: SN54AS867 (3)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Semiconductors> Space & High Reliability> Logic Products> Specialty Logic Products> Counter/Arithmetic/Parity Function Products

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