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Datasheet Intersil ICL7650SCPD

Part NumberICL7650SCPD

2MHz, Super Chopper-Stabilized Operational Amplifier


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    ICL7650S Datasheet
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    ICL7650S FN2920
    Rev 10.00
    April 12, 2007 2MHz, Super Chopper-Stabilized Operational Amplifier
    The ICL7650S Super Chopper-Stabilized Amplifier offers
    exceptionally low input offset voltage and is extremely stable
    with respect to time and temperature. It is a direct
    replacement for the industry-standard ICL7650 offering
    improved input offset voltage, lower input offset voltage
    temperature coefficient, reduced input bias current, and
    wider common mode voltage range. All improvements are
    highlighted in bold italics in the Electrical Characteristics
    section. Critical parameters are guaranteed over the
    entire commercial temperature range.
    Intersil’s unique CMOS chopper-stabilized amplifier circuitry
    is user-transparent, virtually eliminating the traditional
    chopper amplifier problems of intermodulation effects,
    chopping spikes, and overrange lockup.
    The chopper amplifier achieves its low offset by comparing
    the inverting and non-inverting input voltages in a nulling
    amplifier, nulled by alternate clock phases. Two external
    capacitors are required to store the correcting potentials on
    the two amplifier nulling inputs; these are the only external ...


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Package14 Ld PDIP


Number of Channels1
AVOL150 dB
Bandwidth2 MHz
Common Mode Rejection Ratio140 dB
Description2MHz, Super Chopper-Stabilized Operational Amplifier
Gain AV (min)1
IBIAS (max)10 pA
IOUT4.5 mA
IS (per amp)2 mA
Number of Channels1
Operating Temperature Range0 to 70
PSRR140 dB
Qualification LevelStandard
Rail-to-Rail InputNo
Rail-to-Rail OutputNo
Slew Rate2.5 V/μs
Thermal ShutdownNo
VOS (max)0.7 μV
VS (max)16 V
VS (min)4.5 V

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Series: ICL7650S (9)

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