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Datasheet Linear Technology LTC3405A-1.375

ManufacturerLinear Technology

1.375V, 1.5MHz, 300mA Synchronous Step-Down Regulators in ThinSOT


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    LTC3405A-1.375: 1.375V, 1.5MHz, 300mA Synchronous Step-Down Regulators in ThinSOT Data Sheet
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    1.375V, 1.5MHz, 300mA
    Synchronous Step-Down
    Regulators in ThinSOT U FEATURES DESCRIPTIO в–  The LTC В®3405A-1.375 is a high efficiency monolithic
    synchronous buck regulator using a constant frequency,
    current mode architecture. Supply current during operation is only 20ВµA and drops to 1.5V). In this mode, the
    efficiency is lower at light loads, but becomes comparable
    to Burst Mode operation when the output load exceeds
    25mA. The advantage of pulse skipping mode is lower
    output ripple and less interference to audio circuitry. 3405a1375f 6 LTC3405A-1.375 U
    OPERATIO (Refer to Functional Diagram)
    When the converter is in Burst Mode operation, the peak
    current of the inductor is set to approximately 100mA regardless of the output load. Each burst event can last from
    a few cycles at light loads to almost continuously cycling
    with short sleep intervals at moderate loads. In between
    these burst events, the power MOSFETs and any unneeded
    circuitry are turned off, reducing the quiescent current to
    20ВµA. In this sleep state, the load current is being supplied
    solely from the output capacitor. As the output voltage
    droops, the EA amplifier’s output rises above the sleep
    threshold signaling the BURST comparator to trip and turn
    the top MOSFET on. This process repeats at a rate that is
    dependent on the load demand. ...




ArchitectureConstant Frequency Current ModeConstant Frequency Current ModeConstant Frequency Current Mode
Design ToolsLTspice Model,LTpowerCAD ModelLTspice Model,LTpowerCAD ModelLTspice Model,LTpowerCAD Model
Export Controlnonono
FeaturesBurst Mode, Fixed Output, 100% Duty CycleBurst Mode, Fixed Output, 100% Duty CycleBurst Mode, Fixed Output, 100% Duty Cycle
Frequency, kHz150015001500
Integrated Inductornonono
Ishutdown, µA0.10.10.1
Isupply, mA0.020.020.02
Max Phases111
Number of Outputs111
Operating Temperature Range, °C0 to 850 to 850 to 85
Output Current, A0.30.30.3
Switch Current, A0.50.50.5
Vin Max, V5.55.55.5
Vin Min, V2.52.52.5
Vout Max, V1.3751.3751.375
Vout Maximum1.375V1.375V1.375V
Vout Min, V1.3751.3751.375
Vref Accuracy Over Temp, %333

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Series: LTC3405A-1.375 (3)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Management > Switching Regulator > Step-Down (Buck) Regulators > Micropower Buck Regulators | Internal Power Switch Buck

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