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Dual/Quad/Single, High-Speed, Ultra-Low-Power, Single-Supply TTL Comparators


Datasheet MAX907
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Dual/Quad/Single, High-Speed, Ultra-Low-Power, Single-Supply TTL Comparators
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Detailed Description

The MAX907/MAX908/MAX909 are dual/quad/single, high-speed, ultra-low-power voltage comparators designed for use in systems powered from a single +5V supply; the MAX909 also accepts dual ±5V supplies.

Their 40ns propagation delay (with 5mV input overdrive) is achieved with a power consumption of only 3.5mW per comparator. The wide input common-mode range extends from 200mV below ground (below the negative supply rail for the MAX909) to within 1.5V of the positive supply rail.

Because they are micropower, high-speed comparators that operate from a single +5V supply and include built-in hysteresis, these devices replace a variety of older comparators in a wide range of applications. MAX907/MAX908/MAX909 outputs are TTL-compatible, requiring no external pullup circuitry. All inputs and outputs can be continuously shorted to either supply rail without damage. These easy-to-use comparators incorporate internal hysteresis to ensure clean output switching even when the devices are driven by a slow-moving input signal.

The MAX909 features complementary outputs and an output latch. A separate supply pin for extending the analog input range down to -5V is also provided.

The dual MAX907 and single MAX909 are available in 8-pin DIP and SO packages, and the quad MAX908 is available in 14-pin DIP and SO packages. These comparators are ideal for single +5V-supply applications that require the combination of high speed, precision, and ultra-low power dissipation.

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