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Datasheet Intersil 81006222A

Part Number81006222A

Dual SPDT CMOS Analog Switch


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    HI-5051/883 Datasheet
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    Dual SPDT CMOS Analog Switch
    HI-5051/883 Features This CMOS analog switch offers low resistance switching
    performance for analog voltages up to the supply rails and for
    signal currents up to 70mA. “ON” resistance is low and stays
    reasonably constant over the full range of operating signal
    voltage and current. RON remains exceptionally constant for
    input voltages between +5V and -5V and currents up to 50mA.
    Switch impedance also changes very little over temperature,
    particularly between 0°C and +75°C. RON is nominally 25Ω. This Circuit is Processed in Accordance to MIL-STD-883 and
    is Fully Conformant Under the Provisions of Paragraph 1.2.1. The HI-5051/883 provides break-before-make switching and
    is TTL and CMOS compatible for maximum application
    versatility. Performance is further enhanced by Dielectric
    Isolation processing which insures latch-free operation with
    very low input and output leakage currents (0.8nA at +25В°C).
    The HI-5051/883 switch also features very low power
    operation (1.5mW at +25В°C). The HI-5051/883 is available in a
    20 Ld CLCC package and operates over the -55В°C to +125В°C
    temperature range. Wide Analog Signal Range ±15V Low “ON” Resistance . 25Ω (Typ), 50Ω (Max) High Current Capability . 70mA (Max) Break-Before-Make Switching
    -Turn-On Time . 370ns (Typ), 800ns (Max)
    -Turn-Off Time . 280ns (Typ), 400ns (Max) No Latch-Up Input MOS Gates are Protected from Electrostatic Discharge DTL, TTL, CMOS, PMOS Compatible Applications High Frequency Switching Sample and Hold Digital Filters Operational Amplifier Gain Switching Functional Diagram Pin Configuration LOGIC “1” INPUT HI-5051/883
    20 LD CLCC
    12 LOGIC “0” INPUT ...



Package20 Ld CLCC


# of Switches2
Chg Inj50 pC
Drain Cap11 pF
FeaturesLow RON, RON Matching
IS0.1 mA
Leakage0.8 nA
Qualification LevelQML Class Q (military)
Source Cap11 pF
Switch or MUXSwitch
TOFF280 ns
TON370 ns
Type of SwitchSPDT
rDS(ON)25 О©

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Series: HI-5051-883 (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Space & Harsh Environment > /883 > /883 Switches/MUXs

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