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Datasheet Intersil 7705201EC

Part Number7705201EC

Single 8-Channel CMOS Analog Multiplexer


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    HI-508/883 Datasheet
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    Single 8-Channel CMOS Analog Multiplexer
    HI-508/883 Features The HI-508/883 is an eight channel single-ended multiplexer.
    This monolithic CMOS multiplexer includes an array of eight
    analog switches, a digital decode circuit for channel selection,
    a voltage reference for logic thresholds, and an ENABLE input
    for device selection when several multiplexers are present. This Circuit is Processed in Accordance to MIL-STD-883 and
    is Fully Conformant Under the Provisions of Paragraph 1.2.1. The Dielectric Isolation (DI) process used in fabrication of this
    device eliminates the problem of latch-up. Also, DI offers much
    lower substrate leakage and parasitic capacitance than
    conventional junction-isolated CMOS. Switches are guaranteed
    to break-before-make, so that two channels are never shorted
    together. The switching threshold for each digital input is
    established by an internal +5V reference, providing a
    guaranteed minimum 2.4V for logic “1” and Maximum 0.8V for
    logic “0”. This allows direct interface without pull-up resistors
    to signals from most logic families: CMOS, TTL, DTL and some
    PMOS. For protection against transient overvoltage, the digital
    inputs include a series 200Ω resistor and a diode clamp to
    each supply. If input overvoltage protection is needed, the
    HI-548/883 and HI-549/883 multiplexers are recommended.
    For further information see Application Note AN520. Ordering Information
    MARKING HI1-0508/883 HI1-508/883 Wide Analog Signal Range ±15V TTL/CMOS Compatible 2.4V (Logic “1”) Access Time (Max) . 1.0µs 44V Maximum Power Supply Break-Before-Make Switching No Latch-up Applications Data Acquisition Systems Precision Instrumentation Demultiplexing Selector Switch Functional Diagram TEMP. RANGE ...



Package16 Ld SBDIP


Chg Inj15 pC
Drain Cap17 pF
IS1.5 mA
Leakage0.3 nA
Qualification LevelQML Class Q (military)
Source Cap10 pF
Switch or MUXMUX
TOFF250 ns
TON250 ns
rDS(ON)180 О©

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Series: HI-508-883 (2)

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  • Space & Harsh Environment > /883 > /883 Switches/MUXs
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