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Datasheet LAPIS Semiconductor MR44V100A

ManufacturerLAPIS Semiconductor
Part NumberMR44V100A

The MR44V100A is a nonvolatile 131,072-word x 8-bit ferroelectric random access memory (FeRAM) fabricated in silicon-gate CMOS technology


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    MR44V100A datasheet
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    Issue Date: Sep. 04, 2017 MR44V100A
    1M Bit(131,072-Word -Word Г— 8-Bit) FeRAM (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory) I2C GENERAL DESCRIPTION
    The MR44V100A is a nonvolatile 131,072-word x 8-bit ferroelectric random access memory (FeRAM)
    developed in the ferroelectric process and silicon-gate CMOS technology. The MR44V100A is accessed using
    Two-wire Serial Interface ( I2C BUS ).Unlike SRAMs, this device, whose cells are nonvolatile, eliminates
    battery backup required to hold data. This device has no mechanisms of erasing and programming memory cells
    and blocks, such as those used for various EEPROMs. Therefore, the write cycle time can be equal to the read
    cycle time and the power consumption during a write can be reduced significantly.
    The MR44V100A can be used in various applications, because the device is guaranteed for the write/read
    tolerance of 1012 cycles per bit and the rewrite count can be extended significantly. FEATURES 131,072-word Г— 8-bit configuration I2C BUS Interface A single 3.3 V typ. (1.8V to 3.6V) power supply Operating frequency:
    3.4MHz(Max) HS-mode
    1MHz(Max) F/S-mode Plus Read/write tolerance
    1012 cycles/bit Data retention
    10 years Guaranteed operating temperature range
    -40 to 85В°C Low power consumption
    Power supply current (@3.4MHz)
    Standby mode supply current
    Sleep mode supply current
    0.1ОјA(Typ.), ...





Data Retention10 years
Operating Speedfclk=3.4MHz
Operating Temperature(°C)-40 to +85
Read/Write Endurance1012 Times
Supply Voltage(v)1.8∼3.6

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  • Memory
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