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Datasheet Intersil HS-26C32EH


Radiation Hardened Quad Differential Line Receiver


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    HS-26C32RH, HS-26C32EH Datasheet
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    HS-26C32RH, HS-26C32EH FN3402
    Rev 5.00
    May 28, 2013 Radiation Hardened Quad Differential Line Receiver
    The Intersil HS-26C32RH, HS-26C32EH are differential line
    receivers designed for digital data transmission over balanced
    lines and meets the requirements of EIA Standard RS-422.
    Radiation hardened CMOS processing assures low power
    consumption, high speed, and reliable operation in the most
    severe radiation environments.
    The HS-26C32RH, HS-26C32EH have an input sensitivity
    typically of 200mV over the common mode input voltage
    range of п‚±7V. The receivers are also equipped with input fail
    safe circuitry, which causes the outputs to go to a logic “1”
    when the inputs are open. Enable and Disable functions are
    common to all four receivers.
    Specifications for Rad Hard QML devices are controlled by the
    Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime (DLA). The SMD
    numbers listed in the “Ordering Information” table must be
    used when ordering.
    Detailed Electrical Specifications for these devices are
    contained in SMD 5962-95689. A “hot-link” is provided on our
    homepage for downloading Features Electrically screened to SMD #5962-95689 QML qualified per MIL-PRF-38535 requirements 1.2 micron radiation hardened CMOS ...




DLA SMD5962-956895962-956895962-95689
DescriptionRadiation Hardened Quad Differential Line ReceiverRadiation Hardened Quad Differential Line ReceiverRadiation Hardened Quad Differential Line Receiver
High Dose Rate (HDR) krad(Si)300300300
Low Dose Rate (ELDRS) krad(Si)505050
Operating Temperature Range-55 to 125-55 to 125-55 to 125
Qualification LevelQML Class V (space)QML Class V (space)QML Class V (space)
SEL (MeV/mg/cm2)100100100

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HS-26C32RH HS-26C32RH-T

Moldel Line

Series: HS-26C32EH (3)

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  • Space & Harsh Environment > Rad Hard Analog > RH Interface

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