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Datasheet Torex XC6192


Power saving Push Button Load switch


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    XC6192 Series
    ETR33010-001 Power saving Push Button Load switch в– GENERAL DESCRIPTION
    The XC6192 series are power saving push button load switch ICs that shut down (shut OFF) the power line after shipping testing
    of battery-equipped devices. This enables a significant saving of power consumption during prolonged storage.
    The power line can be forcefully shut down (shut OFF) by inputting one “H” level pulse into the SHDN pin.
    The A type is equipped with an alternating ON/OFF control (*1) that turns the power line ON/OFF each time “L” signal is input into
    the SW pin for a set period of time, and is ideal for ON/OFF power switch applications and Ideal for forced shutdown in emergency.
    The B type fixes the power line in the power ON state when an “L” signal is input into the SW pin for a set period of time, and once
    the power line is in the power ON state, shutdown by the SW pin is not possible. This type is ideal for shipping mode applications
    where the power line is shut down (shut OFF) only for shipping using shutdown by the SHDN pin.
    The XC6192 series enables input of an existing switch signal that is shared with other devices into the SW pin, and the small,
    surface-mount package contributes to space saving.
    This IC is equipped with a SHDN pin that forcefully shuts down (shuts OFF) the power line, a PG pin (Nch open drain) that
    outputs a flag signal when it detects that the output voltage has risen, and as protective functions, an output short circuit protection
    function (fixes the power line at OFF when a voltage drop caused by a short circuit is detected), a rush current prevention function
    (startup through a resistance of 105Ω (Typ.) between VIN-VOUT until VOUT reaches a set voltage), and an output capacitor discharge
    The supply current during shutdown is a very small 0.01ОјA (Typ.), which contributes to energy saving during prolonged storage.
    The “Alternating ON/OFF control on this IC is a system that alternates between VOUT “H” voltage and shutdown each time “L” voltage is input the required time into the
    SW pin в– APPLICATIONS в– FEATURES в—ЏWearable devices
    в—ЏWireless headphones / Earphones
    в—ЏMobile devices
    в—ЏVarious applications equipped with buttons ...


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Series: XC6192 (3)

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  • Push button Controllers

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