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Datasheet ON Semiconductor FDN302P

ManufacturerON Semiconductor
Part NumberFDN302P

P-Channel 2.5V Specified PowerTrench MOSFET


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    P-Channel 2.5V Specified PowerTrench MOSFET
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    FDN302P FDN302P
    P-Channel 2.5V Specified PowerTrenchп›љ MOSFET
    General Description Features This P-Channel 2.5V specified MOSFET uses a rugged
    gate version of ON’s advanced PowerTrench
    process. It has been optimized for power management
    applications with a wide range of gate drive voltage
    (2.5V – 12V). –20 V, –2.4 A. RDS(ON) = 0.055 Ω @ VGS = –4.5 V
    RDS(ON) = 0.080 Ω @ VGS = –2.5 V Fast switching speed High performance trench technology for extremely
    low RDS(ON) Applications Power management SuperSOTTM -3 provides low RDS(ON) and 30% higher
    power handling capability than SOT23 in the same
    footprint Load switch Battery protection D D S
    S G
    TM SuperSOT -3 G Absolute Maximum Ratings
    Symbol TA=25oC unless otherwise noted Drain-Source Voltage Ratings
    –20 Units VDSS Parameter VGSS Gate-Source Voltage ±12 V ID Drain Current (Note 1a) –2.4
    –10 A (Note 1a) 0.5 W – Continuous
    – Pulsed PD Maximum Power Dissipation (Note 1b) TJ, TSTG V 0.46 –55 to +150 °C (Note 1a) 250 °C/W (Note 1) 75 °C/W Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range Thermal Characteristics
    RОёJA Thermal Resistance, Junction-to-Ambient RОёJC Thermal Resistance, Junction-to-Case Package Marking and Ordering Information
    Device Marking Device Reel Size Tape width Quantity 302 FDN302P 7’’ 8mm 3000 units 2000 Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC.
    October-2017, Rev. 3 Publication Order Number:
    FDN302P/D Symbol Parameter TA = 25°C unless otherwise noted Test Conditions Min Typ Max Units –12 mV/°C Off Characteristics
    BVDSS Drain–Source Breakdown Voltage VGS = 0 V, ID = –250 µA ∆BVDSS
    ===∆TJ ...


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Lifecycle StatusActive (Recommended for new designs)


Package Code527AG

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CompliancePb-free | Halide free

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  • Discrete > IGBTs & FETs > MOSFETs
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