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Datasheet Microchip TCN75-3.3MOA713

Part NumberTCN75-3.3MOA713

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    TCN75 Data Sheet
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    2-Wire Serial Temperature Sensor and Thermal Monitor
    Features: Solid-State Temperature Sensing:
    0.5В°C Accuracy (Typ.) Operates from -55В°C to +125В°C Operating Supply Range: 2.7V to 5.5V Programmable Trip Point and Hysteresis with
    Power-up Defaults Standard 2-Wire Serial Interface Thermal Event Alarm Output Functions as
    Interrupt or Comparator/Thermostat Output Up to 8 TCN75s may Share the Same Bus Shutdown Mode for Low Standby Power
    Consumption 5V Tolerant I/O at VDD = 3V Low Power:
    -250 пЃ­A (Typ.) Operating
    -1 пЃ­A (Typ.) Shutdown Mode 8-Pin SOIC and MSOP Packaging Package Type
    SDA 1 8 VDD SCL 2 7 A0 INT/CMPTR 3 6 A1 GND 4 5 A2 TCN75MOA MSOP
    SDA 1 8 VDD 7 A0 INT/CMPTR 3 6 A1 GND 4 5 A2 SCL 2 TCN75MUA General Description:
    Applications: Thermal Protection for High-Performance CPUs
    Solid-State Thermometer
    Fire/Heat Alarms
    Thermal Management in Electronic Systems:
    -Telecom Racks
    -Power Supplies/UPS/Amplifiers Copiers/Office Electronics Consumer Electronics Process Control The TCN75 is a serially programmable temperature
    sensor that notifies the host controller when ambient
    temperature exceeds a user programmed set point.
    Hysteresis is also programmable. The INT/CMPTR
    output is programmable as either a simple comparator ...



Lifecycle StatusNot Recommended for new designs




# Temps Monitored1
DescriptionSMBus/I2C Temperature Sensor
Max. Accuracy @ 25°3 °
Max. Supply Current1000 µA
Operating Temperature Range-55 to +125 °C
Resolution9 bits
Temp. Range-55 - +125 °
Typical Accuracy0.5 °
Vcc Range+2.7 - +5.5 V

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Moldel Line

Series: TCN75 (8)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Thermal Management > Local Temperature Sensors > Serial (Digital) Output

Other Names:

TCN753.3MOA713, TCN75 3.3MOA713

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