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Datasheet Microchip MCP98244T-BE/MNY

Part NumberMCP98244T-BE/MNY

Microchip Technology’s MCP98244 digital temperature sensor converts temperature from -40°C and +125°C to a digital word


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    DDR4 DIMM Temperature Sensor with EEPROM for SPD
    Features Description Meets JEDEC Specification
    -MCP98244 -> JC42.4-TSE2004B1
    Temperature Sensor with 4 Kbit Serial
    EEPROM for Serial Presence Detect (SPD) 1MHz, 2-wire I2C™ Interface Specified VDD Range: 1.7V to 3.6V Operating Current: 100 µA (typ., EEPROM Idle) Available Package: TDFN-8 Microchip Technology Inc.’s MCP98244 digital
    temperature sensor converts temperature from -40В°C
    and +125В°C to a digital word. This sensor meets
    JEDEC Specification JC42.4-TSE3000B1 Memory
    Module Thermal Sensor Component. It provides an
    accuracy of В±0.2В°C/В±1В°C (typical/maximum) from
    +75В°C to +95В°C with an operating voltage of 1.7V to
    3.6V. In addition, MCP98244 has an integrated
    EEPROM with two banks of 256 by 8 bit EEPROM (4k
    Bit) which can be used to store memory module details
    and vendor information. Temperature Sensor Features Temperature-to-Digital Converter (В°C) Sensor Accuracy (Grade B):
    -В±0.2В°C/В±1В°C (typ./max.) п‚® +75В°C to +95В°C
    -В±0.5В°C/В±2В°C (typ./max.) п‚® +40В°C to +125В°C
    -В±1В°C/В±3В°C (typ./max.) п‚® -40В°C to +125В°C Serial EEPROM Features Operating Current:
    -Write п‚®пЂ 250 ВµA (typical) for 3 ms (typical)
    -Read п‚®пЂ 100 ВµA (typical) Reversible Software Write Protect Software Write Protection for each 1 Kbit Block Organized as two banks of 256 x 8-bit (2 Kbit x 2) Typical Applications DIMM Modules for Servers, PCs, and Laptops Temperature Sensing for Solid State Drive (SSD) General Purpose Temperature Datalog
    DIMM MODULE The MCP98244 digital temperature sensor comes with
    user-programmable registers that provide flexibility for ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




# Temps Monitored1
CRIT OutputFalse
DescriptionSMBus/I2C Temperature Sensor with EEPROM
Max. Accuracy @ 25°1 °
Max. Supply Current500 µA
Operating Temperature Range-40 to +125 °C
Resolution11 bits
Temp. Range-40 - +125 °
Typical Accuracy0.2 °
Vcc Range+2.2 - +3.6 V

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Series: MCP98244 (4)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Thermal Management > Local Temperature Sensors > Serial (Digital) Output

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