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Datasheet Microchip TC6503


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  • Download » Datasheet PDF, 243 Kb, File published: Feb 5, 2013
    TC6501/2/3/4 Datasheet
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    Ultra Small Temperature Switches
    with Pin Selectable Hysteresis
    Features General Description 5-Pin SOT-23A Factory-programmed Thresholds from
    -45В°C to +125В°C in 10В°C Increments Pin Selectable +2В°C or +10В°C Hysteresis В±0.5В°C (Typ) Threshold Accuracy Over Full
    Temperature Range No External Components Required 17 ВµA Supply Current (Typ) The TC6501/2/3/4 are SOT-23 temperature switches
    that require no external components and are available
    with factory-programmed temperature thresholds. A
    choice of factory-trimmed temperature trip points are
    also available. Pin-selectable hysteresis of +2В°C or
    +10В°C allows flexibility to the design of the application.
    These parts typically consume only 17 ВµA of current
    and operate over the entire -55В°C to +135В°C
    temperature range, while offering accuracies of В±0.5В°C
    (typ). Applications Thermal Management in PCs and Servers
    Over-temperature Fail-safe Circuits
    Simple Fan Controller
    Temperature Alarms
    Notebook Computers
    Network Boxes Package Types 5 GND 1 GND 2 TOVER TC6501
    TOVER TC6502 TC6501
    TC6502 The TC6501 and TC6503 have an open-drain, activelow output, which targets microcontroller reset control. ...


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  • Thermal Management > Local Temperature Sensors > Temperature Switches

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