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Datasheet Microchip MD2131K7-G

Part NumberMD2131K7-G

The MD2131 is a high-speed, arbitrary waveform, push-pull source driver


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    MD2131 Datasheet - High Speed Ultrasound Beamforming Source Driver
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    Supertex inc. MD2131 High Speed Ultrasound Beamforming Source Driver
    Features General Description ►► High resolution transmitting waveform
    ►► Up to 3.0A push-pull source-driving current
    ►► 230VP-P maximum output, uses two DN2625 FETs
    ►► Angle vector beamforming I-Q switcher matrix
    ►► 8-bit apodization DAC and 7.5° angular resolution
    ►► Flexible frequency-resolution trade-off
    ►► Programmable aperture windowing
    ►► 250MHz maximum sampling rate
    ►► 25MHz ultrasound maximum frequency
    ►► PWM modulation push-pull current source
    ►► Focusing phase adjustment & chirp waveform
    ►► Fast SPI interface
    ►► 2.5V CMOS logic interface
    ►► +5.0V single power supply
    ►► Low second order harmonic distortions The MD2131 is a high-speed, arbitrary waveform, push-pull
    source driver. It is designed for medical ultrasound imaging and
    HIFU beamforming applications. It also can be used in NDT,
    Sonar and other ultrasound phase-array focusing beamforming
    The MD2131 consists of CMOS digital logic input circuits, an
    8-bit current DAC for waveform amplitude control, and four PWM
    current-sources. These current sources are constructed with the ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




Amplitude ControlPWM
Apodization8-Bit SPI
Input Voltage2.5 V
Operating Temperature Range0 to +70 °C
Output Current0 - 3.0 A
Resolution7.5° Phase
Typical Delay Time4 ns

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Moldel Line

Series: MD2131 (1)
  • MD2131K7-G

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Ultrasound Products > Beamformer Source Drivers

Other Names:

MD2131K7G, MD2131K7 G

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