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Datasheet Analog Devices OP07CS8#PBF

ManufacturerAnalog Devices
Part NumberOP07CS8#PBF

Ultralow Offset Voltage Op Amp


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    OP07: Ultralow Offset Voltage Operational Amplifier Data Sheet
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    Ultralow Offset Voltage
    Operational Amplifier
    OP07 Data Sheet PIN CONFIGURATION Low VOS: 75 ОјV maximum
    Low VOS drift: 1.3 ОјV/В°C maximum
    Ultrastable vs. time: 1.5 ОјV per month maximum
    Low noise: 0.6 ОјV p-p maximum
    Wide input voltage range: В±14 V typical
    Wide supply voltage range: В±3 V to В±18 V
    125°C temperature-tested dice VOS TRIM 1 8 OP07 VOS TRIM –IN 2 7 V+ +IN 3 6 OUT V– 4 5 NC 00316-001 FEATURES NC = NO CONNECT Figure 1. APPLICATIONS
    Wireless base station control circuits
    Optical network control circuits
    Sensors and controls
    Resistor thermal detectors (RTDs)
    Strain bridges
    Shunt current measurements
    Precision filters The wide input voltage range of В±13 V minimum combined
    with a high CMRR of 106 dB (OP07E) and high input
    impedance provide high accuracy in the noninverting circuit
    configuration. Excellent linearity and gain accuracy can be
    maintained even at high closed-loop gains. Stability of offsets
    and gain with time or variations in temperature is excellent. The ...



Lifecycle StatusPre-Release


PackageSOIC 150 MIL
Package CodeX


Number of Channels1
ArchitectureVoltage Feedback
GBP(typ)600k Hz
Ibias(max)4n A
Iq/Amp(typ)4m A
Operating Temperature Range0 to 70 °C
Shut- downNo
Slew Rate(typ)300m V/us
VNoise Density(typ)9.6n V/rtHz
Vs span(max)36 V
Vs span(min)6 V

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Series: OP07 (10)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Amplifiers > High Voltage Amplifiers ≥12V | Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps) | Zero-Drift Amplifiers

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