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Datasheet Microchip PL130-09QI-R

Part NumberPL130-09QI-R

The PL130-09 is a low cost, high performance, high speed, buffer that reproduces any input fre-quency from 0 to 1


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    PL130-09 - High Speed Translator Buffer to LVDS
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    High Speed Translator Buffer to LVDS 2 GND 3 LVDS 4 GND 14 GND 15 OE^ 16 GND 6 LVDS_BAR 5 VDD 12 11 10 9 PL130-09
    1 2 3 4 GND 13 7 REF_IN GND VDD GND REF_IN 8 VDD 1 VDD The PL130-09 is a low cost, high performance,
    high speed, buffer that reproduces any input fr equency from 0 to 1.0GHz. It provides a pair of
    differential LVDS output. Any input signal with at
    least 100mV swing can be used as reference
    signal. This chip is ideal for conversion from sine
    wave, TTL, CMOS, or PECL to LVDS. GND GND DESCRIPTION (TOP VIEW) VDD Differential LVDS output
    Single AC coupled input (min. 100mV swing).
    Input range from 0 to 1.0GHz.
    2.5V to 3.3V operation.
    Available in 8-Pin SOP or 3x3mm QFN
    GREEN/RoHS compliant packaging. PL130-09 п‚ п‚ п‚ п‚ п‚ PIN CONFIGURATION GND FEATURES 8 LVDS_BAR 7 VDD 6 LVDS 5 GND Note: ^ denotes internal pull up BLOCK DIAGRAM LVDS_BAR
    REF_IN Input LVDS Micrel Inc. 2180 Fortune Drive San Jose, CA 95131 USA tel +1(408) 944 -0800 fax +1(408) 474-1000 Rev 1/5/12 Page 1 PL130-09
    High Speed Translator Buffer to LVDS
    Name Pin Number Type Description SOP-8L QFN-16L GND 1,3,7 1,2,4,5,
    9,13,14,15 P Ground. VDD 5,8 7,10,11,12 P Power supply. REF_IN 2 3 I Reference input signal. The frequency of this signal will be reproduced at the output (after translation to LVDS level). LVDS 4 6 O LVDS True output. LVDS_BAR 6 8 O LVDS Complementary output. OE N/A 16 I Output enable (�1’ for enable). Internal pull-up (default is �1’). ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS
    1. Absolute Maximum Ratings
    PARAMETERS SYMBOL Supply Voltage MIN. MAX. UNITS 4.6 V V DD Input Voltage, dc VI -0.5 V DD+0.5 V Output Voltage, dc VO -0.5 V DD+0.5 V Storage Temperature TS -65 150 п‚°C Ambient Operating Temperature* TA -40 85 п‚°C Junction Temperature TJ 125 п‚°C Lead Temperature (soldering, 10s) 260 п‚°C ESD Protection, Human Body Model 2 kV Exposure of the device under conditions beyond the limits specified by Maximum Ratings for extended periods may cause permane nt damage to the
    device and affect product reliability. These conditions represent a stress rating only, and functional operations of the dev ice at these or any other co nditions above the operational limits noted in this specification is not implied. *Operating temperature is guaranteed by design. Parts are tested to commercial grade only. 2. General Electrical Specifications
    PARAMETERS SYMBOL Supply Current, No Load I DD Operating Voltage V DD Output Clock Duty Cycle
    Short Circuit Current CONDITIONS MIN. Fout = 200MHz, LVDS TYP. MAX. UNITS 25 30 mA 3.63 V 2.25 ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




Core Supply Voltage2.5/3.3V V
Input TypeMultiple
No. of ChannelsSingle
Operating Temperature Range-40 to +85 °C
Output Frequency1 Max
Output TypeLVDS
Output Voltage2.5/3.3V V

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Series: PL130-09 (7)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Clock and Timing > Clock and Data Distribution > Translators

Other Names:

PL13009QIR, PL130 09QI R

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