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Datasheet Allegro ARG82800KLVATR

Part NumberARG82800KLVATR

Fully Integrated PMIC for Safety-Related Systems with Buck or Buck-Boost Pre-Regulator, 4× Linear Regulators, 4× Gate Drivers, and SPI


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    ARG82800 Datasheet
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    Fully Integrated PMIC for Safety-Related Systems
    with Buck or Buck-Boost Pre-Regulator, 4Г— Linear Regulators, 4Г— Gate Drivers, and SPI
    FEATURES AND BENEFITS A2-SIL™ product—device features for safety-critical systems Automotive AEC-Q100 qualified Wide input voltage range, 3.8 to 36 VIN operating range,
    40В VIN maximum 2.2В MHz buck or buck/boost pre-regulator (VREG: 5.35В V) Four internal linear regulators with foldback short-circuit
    в–Ўв–Ў VUC: selectable output (3.3В V / 5.0В V) regulator for
    в–Ўв–Ў V5C: 5В V general purpose LDO regulator
    в–Ўв–Ў V5P1 and V5P2: two LDO regulators (track VUC
    voltage) with short-to-battery protection for remote
    sensors Q&A Watchdog and Window Watchdog timer Floating gate drivers with charge pump for external
    isolator NFET control Control and diagnostic reporting through a serial
    peripheral interface (SPI) Logic enable input (ENB) for microprocessor control Ignition enable input (ENBAT) Frequency dithering and controlled slew rate help reduce
    EMI/EMC Undervoltage protection for all output rails Thermal shutdown protection –40°C to 150°C junction temperature range APPLICATIONS Provides system power for (microcontroller/DSP, CAN,
    sensors, etc.) and high current isolation FET gate driver
    in automotive control modules, such as:
    в–Ўв–Ў Electronic power steering (EPS)
    в–Ўв–Ў Advanced braking systems (ABS)
    в–Ўв–Ў Other automotive applications -PACKAGE: 38-Pin eTSSOP (suffix LV) DESCRIPTION The ARG82800 is a power management IC that integrates a
    buck or buck/boost pre-regulator, four LDOs, and four floating
    gate drivers. The pre-regulator uses a buck or buck/boost ...



Package38-lead TSSOP


Operating Temperature Range-40° to 125° °C

Eco Plan


Moldel Line

Series: ARG82800 (1)
  • ARG82800KLVATR

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Regulators and Lighting > Multiple Output Regulators

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