Datasheet Maxim MAX16956


36V, 300mA, Mini Buck Converter with 1.1µA IQ


Datasheet MAX16956
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36V, 300mA, Mini Buck Converter with 1.1µA IQ


Detailed Description

The MAX16956 is a small, synchronous buck converter with integrated high-side and low-side switches.

The device is designed to deliver up to 300mA with input voltages from 3.5V to 36V, while using only 1.1µA quiescent current at no load (fixed-output versions). Voltage quality can be monitored by observing the active-low RESET signal. The device can operate near dropout by running at 97% duty cycle, making it ideal for automotive applications under cold-crank.

The device offers fixed-output voltages of 5V and 3.3V, as well as an adjustable version. The adjustable version allows the user to program the output voltage between 1V and 10V by using a resistor-divider. Frequency is fixed at 2.1MHz, which allows for small external components, reduced output ripple, and minimized AM radio interference. The device offers both forced-PWM and skip modes of operation, with ultra-low quiescent current of 1.1µA in skip mode. The device can be ordered with spread-spectrum frequency modulation designed to minimize EMI-radiated emissions due to the switching frequency.

The MAX16956 is available in a small (3mm × 3mm) 10-pin µMAX package and operates across the full automotive temperature range of -40°C to +125°C. The device is AEC-Q100 qualified.

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