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3 Phase Motor Controller


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3 Phase Motor Controller
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Detailed Description

The E523.42 is a highly integrated motor controller for 12V automotive application.

The device combines a 32bit ARM® Cortex®-M0 microcontroller and a high-voltage analog motor driver in a small footprint leadless package.

This device drives a three phase brush less motor(BLDC), a three phase stepper motor or two conventional DC motors.

The combination of a microcontroller and an integrated power stage provides a cost optimized system for low to medium power actuator and fan applications. The integrated measurement system provides all input signals to realize a sensor less close loop commutation and provides a complete set of monitor and diagnosis features.

For outstanding absolute positioning requirements external sensors are supported by providing supply voltage and various data interfaces (analog/digital GPIOs, SPI).

A serial interface supports fast end-of-line OTP firmware programming. The LIN 2.2 interface with autobaud and auto-addressing functionality enables the integration into existing LIN bus systems.

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Series: E523.42 (1)

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