Datasheet Broadcom HCPL-0211#060

Part NumberHCPL-0211#060
Datasheet Broadcom HCPL-0211#060

Very High CMR, Wide VCC Logic Gate Optocouplers


Datasheet HCPL-2201, HCPL-2202, HCPL-2211, HCPL-2212, HCPL-2231, HCPL-2232, HCPL-0201, HCPL-0211, HCNW2201, HCNW2211
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Very High CMR, Wide VCC Logic Gate Optocouplers
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Detailed Description

The HCPL-0211 optocoupler is an optically-coupled logic gate.

It contains a GaAsP LED. The detectors have totem pole output stages and optical receiver input stages with built-in Schmitt triggers to provide logic-compatible waveforms, illuminating the need for additional waveshaping.

A superior internal shield on the HCPL-0211 guarantees common mode transient immunity of 10 kV/ms at a common mode voltage of 1000 volts.

The electrical and switching characteristics of the HCPL-0211 are guaranteed from -40oC to 85oC and a VCC from 4.5 volts to 20 volts. Low IF and wide VCC range allows compatibility with TTL, LSTTL, and CMOS logic and result in lower power consumption compared to other high speed couplers. Logic signals are transmitted with a typical propagation delay of 150 ns.

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HCPL-0211060, HCPL-0211 060, HCPL0211#060, HCPL 0211#060