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32V 1ch H-Bridge Motor Driver IC


Datasheet AP1042
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32V 1ch H-Bridge Motor Driver IC
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Detailed Description

The AP1042 is a 1ch H-Bridge motor driver that supports a maximum output current of 5.0A and from 8 to 32V operation voltage.

The control mode of the AP1042 can be switched between parallel input mode and complemental input mode by the SEL pin. The built-in PWM duty control circuit enables speed adjustment of the motor by the VREF voltage for both forward and reverse rotations. The AP1042 has a through current prevention, a low voltage detection, a thermal protection and an overcurrent protection circuits for the output stage as protection circuits. The detection time of the overcurrent protection circuit can be adjusted by the resistance value connected to the TBLANK pin.The AP1042 adopts a space saving 24-pin QFN package with good heat dissipation. It is ideal for a high current DC brush motor driver IC.

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Series: AP1042 (1)

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