Datasheet Maxim MAX253


1W Primary-Side Transformer H-Bridge Driver for Isolated Supplies


Datasheet MAX253
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Transformer Driver for Isolated RS-485 Interface
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Detailed Description

The MAX253 monolithic oscillator/power-driver is specifically designed to provide isolated power for an isolated RS-485 or RS-232 data interface.

The device drives a center-tapped transformer primary from a 5V or 3.3V DC power supply. The secondary can be wound to provide any isolated voltage needed at power levels up to 1W.

The MAX253 consists of a CMOS oscillator driving a pair of N-channel power switches. The oscillator runs at double the output frequency, driving a toggle flip-flop to ensure 50% duty cycle to each of the switches. Internal delays are arranged to ensure break-before-make action between the two switches.

The SD pin puts the entire device into a low-power shutdown state, disabling both the power switches and oscillator.

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