Datasheet Mornsun SCM1212ATA

Part NumberSCM1212ATA
Datasheet Mornsun SCM1212ATA

Transformer Driver for Isolated Power Supplies


Datasheet SCM1212A
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Transformer Driver for Isolated Power Supplies
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Detailed Description

Fixed input push-pull control chip SCM1212A integrates soft-start function, output short-circuit protection and over-temperature protection to effectively improve product reliability.

SCM1212A (SOT23-5 package) is functionally the same as the SCM1201A (SOT23-6 package) except the package, so the chip meets the market's demand for different pin packages.

SCM1212A has geminate power MOS, and it can work normally at a low input voltage of 4.5V and will not be damaged under the impact of a high input voltage of 40V. The internal power MOS has a high symmetry driving, thereby reducing the degree of bias of the push-pull topology.

Model Line

Series: SCM1212A (1)
  • SCM1212ATA