Datasheet Diodes BCR430UW6


Low Dropout Voltage Linear LED Driver Ic In SOT26


Datasheet BCR430UW6
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Low Dropout Voltage Linear LED Driver Ic In SOT26
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Detailed Description

The BCR430U is a monolithically integrated linear LED controller designed to function as a Constant Current Regulator (CCR) for linear LED driving.

The device operates over a voltage range from 5V to 42V and regulates the output LED current up to 100mA, set by an external resistor. It is designed for driving LEDs in strings and will reduce current at increasing temperatures to self-protect. The low voltage drop during current regulation allows efficient driving of LED strings with a range of forward voltages and supply voltage tolerances.


PackageSOT26 (SC74R)


Parameters / ModelsBCR430UW6-7
Accuracy5 %
Automotive Compliant PPAPNo
LED Current5mA to 100mA mA
LED Current Sense Voltage892 mV
Maximum Supply Voltage42 V
Maximum VOUT40 V
Minimum Supply Voltage5 V
Number of Channels1
Output Current100 mA
Qualified to AECQ10xNo
Temperature Range-55 to 150 °C
TopologyLinear LED Driver

Model Line

Series: BCR430UW6 (1)

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