Datasheet TRINAMIC TMC2226-SA-T

Part NumberTMC2226-SA-T
Datasheet TRINAMIC TMC2226-SA-T

Ultra-silent motor driver IC for two phase stepper motors


Datasheet TMC2226
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Step/Dir Drivers for Two-Phase Bipolar Stepper Motors up to 2.8A peak – StealthChop for Quiet Movement – UART Interface Option – Sensorless Stall Detection StallGuard4
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Detailed Description

TRINAMIC's sophisticated StealthChop2 chopper ensures noiseless operation, maximum efficiency and best motor torque.

Its fast current regulation and optional combination with SpreadCycle allow highly dynamic motion while adding. StallGuard4 provides sensorless homing. The integrated power MOSFETs handle motor currents up to 2A RMS with protection and diagnostic features for robust and reliable operation. A simple to use UART interface opens up tuning and control options. Industries’ most advanced STEP/DIR stepper motor driver family upgrades designs to noiseless and most precise operation for cost-effective and highly competitive solutions.

Model Line

Series: TMC2226 (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

Other Names:

TMC2226SAT, TMC2226 SA T

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