Datasheet Analog Devices AD2425W

ManufacturerAnalog Devices
Part NumberAD2425W

Enhanced Automotive Audio Bus (A2B ) Transceiver supporting both Master and Slave operation


Datasheet AD2421W, AD2422W, AD2425W
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Automotive Audio Bus A2B Transceiver
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Data Rate(max)50 bps
ESD Protection2.5k V
Interface FeaturesI2C Control and Status Bus, I2S Data
Interface ProtocolA2B
Master/ SlaveMaster, Slave
Node CapabilityMid-Point Capable
Number of Nodes11
Vs+(max)9 V
Vs+(min)3.7 V

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AD2421W AD2421W AD2422W AD2422W

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  • Audio & Video Products > Automotive Audio Bus®
  • Interface & Isolation > Automotive Audio Bus®

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