Datasheet Diodes DPO2039DABQ


4-CH Over-Voltage Protection for Cc/diff Pins On Usb Type-CtmThe DPO2039DABQ-13 provides 4 channels of over-voltage protection over the CC1/2 & DIFF1/2 pins which are connected to the USB Type-C connector.


Datasheet DPO2039DABQ-13
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4-CH Over-Voltage Protection for CC/DIFF Pins on USB Type-C
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Detailed Description

The 4 channels are divided into two pairs, one pair of channels protect the CC1 and CC2 pins from being shorted to the VBUS, one pair of channels protect the DIFF1 and DIFF2 pins from being shorted to the VBUS. Whenever the voltage threshold set for any of the two pairs of channels is reached, the exception condition becomes valid and the low-active flag FAULTB is subsequently asserted.This device is designed to draw its operating voltage primarily from the system power, VSYS, which is either the always-ON 3.3/5V existed within the system or the 1-cell battery inside the mobile system. Under the circumstance when the battery inside a mobile system is fully depleted, DPO2039DABQ-13 can obtain power from the external peripheral system connected to the USB Type-C connector. The DPO2039DABQ-13 is housed in the low-profile and space-saving U-QFN3030-16 (Type B) package which is manufactured with environmental-friendly material.


PackageU-QFN3030-16 (Type B)


Parameters / ModelsDPO2039DABQ-13
BWON_SBU Typ (MHz)1000
CC_pin Maximum I/O Voltage (V)5.5
CON_CC (VCCxC / VCCxS = 0V to 1.2V) (PF)50
CON_DIFF (VDIFFxC / VDIFFxS = 0V to 3.6V) (PF)5
DIFF_pin Maximum I/O Voltage (V)4.2
Dead batteryNo
IEC 61000-4-2Yes
RDS(ON)_CC (VCCxC = 5.5V) Typ (m?)300
RDS(ON)_DIFF (VDIFFxC = 3.6V) Typ (?)4.5

Model Line

Series: DPO2039DABQ (1)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Discrete > Protection Devices > USB Type-C Protection
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